Una Familia con Suerte capitulo 30

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Monica confesses to Enzzo who does not adore Pepe Freddy and reiterates that he will wait

Rebecca (Mayrín Villanueva) can not believe that Irabia has 'affair' with Candy (Alicia Machado). Vicente (Sergio Sendel) offers an apology to Pancho (Arath de la Torre), Candy was invented to be released. They argue, Pancho defends his sister and Doña Fernanda (Alicia Rodriguez), and tells him 'and the devil appeared to him. "

Pepe (Pablo Lyle) tells Monica (Violeta Isfel) who wrote the letter with all his adore and the day that dares to allow Freddy (Juan Diego Covarrubias), is going to become waiting. Monica suffers, simply because every day falls more than 'machining naco "

Temo (Darel) helps the casting of the new program Little Giants.

Lupita (Alejandro Garcia) suffers a great deal simply because it closed down the nursery with the People's House, by not having all the legal specifications.

Pancho and Rebecca go to turn around within the 'Burra'. Pancho teaches you to consume tacos and the attraction among them is increasing.

Chela (Luz Elena Gonzalez) complains to Pancho by turning off your cell phone and Lupita not supporting the closure of the nursery. Pancho tells them that they require every other to obtain ahead as a loved ones.

Monica asks his dad if he would be extremely angry if there were to become married to Freddy, he says sure. Monica dare say that no longer loves Freddy. Enzzo (Pedro Moreno) doesn't know how to react.

Pancho Candy suspect also likes' Irace. "

Anna (Sherlyn) and does not want to look within the mirror, you really feel ugly and unable to like Freddy.

Rebecca would be to confess she has feelings for Pancho! Will they be falling for him?

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