La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 99 - La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 100

Resumen de La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 99 - La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 100

Justin Dimas advises new lab tests done to determine how much the disease has superior.

Hayde is investigating businesses to uncover wrongdoing by the Laurentide.

Megateo is intrigued using the sequence of questions place Fabio Juster about Justin.

Laurentide and Enlightened Professor Judith advise to provide them exemplary punishment towards the twins.

Fabio Juster able to find out everything about Justin.

Laurentian is providing for sale the textile factory, but at that minute arrives Hayden says he is conscious of every thing you are performing and also knows what it intends to do.

Laurentide and Enlightened let you realize that Doña Perfecta Hayde knows every thing they propose to complete using the sale with the factories.

Despite the insistence of Doña Perfecta Laurentino to dismiss Teresa, not because it does not do so because it believes that committing an injustice, however Laurentino in the event you do, goodbye to Teresa.

Justin is inside a hurry to do his will and depart everything to Alice.

Valeria is responsible for talking sick of Alicia in front of Fabio, making it look like a harnessed, thinking about the estate of Justin.

Fabio Justin arrives house, posing as his nephew.

Laurentino persuade Doña Perfecta to advance negotiations and factories and consider advantage Sebastian and can not do something about this and it can make you signal a power to carry out any transaction.

The twins will have to Doña Perfecta that Sebastian is very sick in hospital, and Illuminated Laurentino attempt to justify to her but did not succeed.

Justin asked Fabio evidence about their identification and to justify it truly will be the son of Magdalena, but Fabio Justin throws his home.

The twins use their psychological power to interrupt things and mess up the home to become lit.

Illuminated Teresa threat to Doña Perfecta tell how it is healing the twins.

Alice calls attention to Justin for the way they tried to Fabio.

Illuminated frightened to go home following what occurred using the twins.

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