Donde esta Elisa Capitulo 135

Resumen de Donde esta Elisa Capitulo 135:

Cristóbal (Jorge Luis Pila) tells Nicolas (Ismael la Rosa), which is certain it was Cecilia (Catherine Siachoque) who killed Esabel, he does not believe him and tells him that Cecilia would be unable to do so.

Santiago tells Viviana (Ivelin Giro) he was on anti-gay march and José Ángel (Omar germs) saved his life.

Viviana organized a meeting to celebrate the graduation of Santiago and Eduardo Mariano's home (Gabriel Porras).

Mariano and Nicolas plan to get rid of Bruno (Roberto Mateos).

Cecilia proposes Bruno to celebrate the last evening we spend with each other, consider benefit and poisons.

Will eliminate it from your route?

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