La Fuerza del destino capitulo 10

Resumen de La Fuerza del destino capitulo 10:

Charlotte tells Lucrecia that Leandro is inept and perhaps even a thief, you should look for help from Juan Jaime (Juan Ferrara). Gerardo remarried and widowed, now includes a blind sister, besides residing in Villahermosa and has a son.

Lucy (Sandra Echeverria) announces that he includes a work. Charlotte is pleased, but Lucrecia says that now everybody will know you are doing badly. Lucia says that everyone understands it. Lucrecia insists that it should advance the date of his marriage to Saul (Ferdinando Valencia). Charlotte thinks they should get Maripaz husband to determine if it calms down.

Maripaz dancing at a nightclub when Saul and Antolin (Marcelo Córdoba) admire. Antolin tells Saul that should link to Maripaz. Saul says he prefers a quiet, respectable ladies like Lucia.

Maripaz comes home drunk. Lucia rebuke and asked why he gets drunk, Maripaz blames Ivan and admits that nobody has produced love like him.

Resumen de La Fuerza del destino capitulo 10:

Anthony arrives for your company and inquire for your engineer, it's Ivan, who is his right hand. Ivan Anthony tells him that it's his adopted son, also says he's going to need to give your dog.

Ivan asks Anthony to journey with him, asks in the event you consider your son, Ivan says sure and you have to have a confrontation with Juan Jaime. Anthony says that it's time to know what occurred and offers to travel to Mexico. Ivan did not want to come back again by demand, Anthony will make clear that no this kind of demand. I keep in mind that now is really a guy of success thanks to their ability and intelligence.

A Maripaz is your automobile breaks down and David (Jaume Mateu) stops to help. Lucrecia think may be a good match, decides to talk to Juan Jaime.

Gerardo Lucia talks to Caroline (Kika Edgar) was a second mom to Alex and talk about what to Maripaz not interested to go see him. Gerardo tells Carolina that does not like that walks Lucia wedding with Saul, then squandered the money from his father and really enjoy the holidays, in addition to that, based on Antolin, also has its adventures. Gerardo believe in the great sense to Lucia.

Saul looked and dine with each other, Saul wants to visit the antrum, Lucia does not, then it ought to start working the next day. Saul claims that desires to work, simply because he can preserve and possess a discussion. Saul decides to retreat and insist that they marry when feasible, wants to possess intercourse with Lucia, who insists on seeking to marry a virgin.

David brings the automobile house Maripaz thereof, Maripaz, award, let us invite to dinner. David agrees.

Ivan Anthony tells his plan of likely to invest money in Villahermosa, informs that according to their study, Curiel is on the brink of ruin and Mondragón not do very properly. "Ivan will take advantage of this scenario?

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